Friday, July 9, 2010

Upcycled Linen Table Runner

It's too hot to work outside so I've been inside sewing up a storm.  My latest project?

A linen table runner upcycled from a ladies dress.

I used the buttons from the dress to adorn each end of the runner. 12 buttons in all.

The linen material is so summery!

Do you like my new/old table?  Hubs brought it home one day.  While visiting his mom and dad, he saw in it their neighbor's trash.  They were moving out and threw their solid oak kitchen table out for the garbage.  Gotta recycle!


  1. It's lovely! So resourceful!

  2. Simply lovely! It's a great topper for that table, too. I love the inspiration you share through these projects... thank you!


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