Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to cover outdoor cushions

Outdoor cushions don't last forever. 

Especially when your cat's use them as scratching posts.

I knew I needed to do something so I shopped around and found. . . nothing. 

Most of the cushions I found were either too expensive, too ugly, or both.

I went to the fabric store and priced outdoor fabric and cushion foam.  It was still pricey.

Finally, I got a break. 

Hancock Fabrics had a sale on their exterior fabric. At only $5.00 a yard so I bought several yards.

Then, I went to Garden Ridge where they had their ugliest cushions on clearance for $10.00. 

They only had three left so I bought all three.

Problem was, the cushions were too short to look good on most of my benches. 

Here's how I solved the problem.

My fabric was the perfect width for my benches.  I cut the foam from the old green cushion into pieces wide enough to make up for the short purchased cushion. I snugged them up together, laying them out on the fabric, and cut the fabric to size.

With right sides of the fabric facing each other, I sewed all around the edges, leaving a gap in the middle of the long side (the other long side doesn't have a seam as I cut the fabric on the fold).

(don't mind my foot in the pic - at least it was a good pedicure day)

I folded each corner and sewed an inch down from each tip to form a boxed corner.

Then, I cut the extra fabric to make a neat corner.

The boxed corners fit the cushions better. 

I stuffed the cushions into the new cover and sewed the opening closed on the machine.

After making covers for my three cushions, I had a smidge of fabric left over.   I cut it into 3 equal pieces and sewed them together. 

I sewed another piece of fabric I already had onto the back to make a pillow.

I stuffed it with polyfill and sewed it closed. 

I'm pleased with my inexpensive covers. 

Here's one on the front porch.

Each cushion took 1 yard of fabric to make (the fabric is decorator width).  I went back to the fabric store and bought 4 more yards of fabric.  I'm waiting for more cushions to go on clearance.  When they do, I'll be ready.

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