Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Garden Update

We're having some success in our Fall garden. 

We planted seeds and seedlings in August and hoped for the best.

Here's our Swiss Chard - one of my favorites.

This is a variety of cabbage called 45 day cabbage or "short" cabbage.  I need to research how to harvest it.  So far, no heads of cabbage are appearing and it's well past "45 days".  Anyone?  Ideas?

Our Sugar Snap peas are blooming now.  If I could just get a few pea pods, I'd be happy.

Here's the next round of peppers for me to pick.  I'm a bit apprehensive after my last adventure.

Here are some greens I'm experimenting with.  Mustard (Mizuna) to the right and broccoli raab to the left.

This is all of the spinach that came up.  That is, unless my chickens really like to eat spinach seedlings.

 And what do we have here?  A tomato plant trying to horn in on the Fall veggies?  Sorry babe, you don't stand a chance.  Don't you know you're a tropical plant?

Behind the sneaky tomato plant is a few green bean plants.  They are blooming right now but I'm not sure if we'll be able to harvest any beans.

In just a few days, all of these gardens will be covered with hoops and row covers to protect them from early frosts.

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  1. Your garden looks wonderful! We especially love sugar snap peas!


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