Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Motivation: Door Mat Check Up


Often neglected, rarely looked at, always stepped on.

  No, I'm not describing how you might feel on a particular day.  I'm talking about door mats - the workhorse of the home.  They keep dirt from entering your abode.

Before the weather starts getting crazy around here, I want to take a closer look at my door mats.

Here's what I'll be looking for:
1.  Do the mats look worn or tattered?  Frayed edges can be a tripping hazard.  Worn out mats won't do their job very well.

2.   Are the mats the right size?  I've accidentally bought rugs that were too thick for my door to pass over easily.  Rugs that are too small won't be as affective.  Odd shaped rugs, though eye catching, might not catch enough dirt. 

3.  Are the mats the right material?  There are a variety of materials to be found.  Before investing in a mat, check it out by bending it, stepping on it, and rubbing your hand across it.  Will it collect dirt?  Will the decorative pattern rub off easily?  Will high heels catch on an open weave? 

4.   Is the mat heavy enough to stay put?  You certainly don't want rugs sliding around or blowing away.

5.  Is the mat easy to clean?  Because it's job is to collect dirt, you should be able to clean the mat with little effort.  Can you shake it clean?  Hose it down?  Vacuum it? 

If you have a lot of dirt tracked into your home like I do, you might want to put a mat at both the interior and exterior sides of the doorway.  If one is good, then two is better!  I put a rough textured mat outside and a nicer mat inside.  My  inside mats also absorb moisture so there won't be too many rain drips in the foyer. 

Doormat joke for the day:


  1. I got my husband a doormat for Christmas last year that read:

    "Don't make me come out there...(signed)Dog"

    He wont let me use it though :(

  2. Which reminds me - I need a door mat makeover; mine are too small. Better add that to the "to do" list!


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