Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Motivation: Practice having a Grateful Heart


Whew!  It's been a crazy few days but I made it through!

First, thanks to those of you who came out for the Craft Stash Swap.
  I think everyone was happy with what they took home.

Second, you can't tell by reading this post, but I'm typing on a new computer.  Our old computer woke up with an ugly case of "The Blue Screen of Death".  Hubs is working on it but it was decided that Tidy Brown Wren needed her own computer.  So, now she does!   It's taking me a while to get used to the new, stiffer keyboard and "touchier" touch pad. 

Now, on to business. . . practicing to have a grateful heart.

It does take practice.  You must purpose, in your heart and mind, to be grateful for what you have and then work at reminding yourself to be thankful. 

Because our typical days are  usually fast paced we seldom have time to look up, out, or in.  We simply look forward - to the next thing happening in our life.  When chronic disease plops itself down in the middle of our life it tends to slow us down.  Slowing down can cause us to look up (to our Heavenly Father), look out (to others who are better off or worse off than we are), or within (to how we really feel).  How I really want to feel is thankful, so I've been practicing being grateful.

Grateful for my family who surrounds me with love every day.
Grateful for friends, old and new. who pray for me every day.
Grateful for my church and my pastors who love me.

Grateful for appliances - those that work and those that struggle along, duct-taped together.
Grateful for food and the sense of taste and smell.
Grateful for a job(s) when it is so common to be out of work.

Grateful for the medical community and their care and concern for me.
Grateful for music and for those that use their talents to perform it.
Grateful for the variety of colors I get to enjoy playing with.  A treat for the eyes.

Grateful for God's word that provides me with comfort and instruction.
Grateful for comfortable clothes and shoes.
Grateful for candlelight - making everything seem cozier.

Grateful for my God who knows everything about me and still loves me.

I invite you to purpose in your heart  to be grateful for what you have.  Make a list and add to it over the next couple of days.  I think you'll find that the longer your list, the happier you are.  Not because you have more things, but because you are aware of more things.


  1. Grateful for my warm bed at night and that my husband is beside me.

    Grateful for laundry and dirty dishes.

    Grateful for a messy house when my kids are home.

    Grateful for the sun and the new day God has in store for me.

  2. Hmmm . . . yep, I'm grateful for lots of good things!
    Especially a friend like you who I can watch and model my behavior after. Whose bold faith and homekeeping skills I can emulate and whose talents are always a joy to those around her!
    Yep, one more thing to be grateful for! I am a lucky girl!
    Sheri O.

  3. Grateful for sunshine and 63 degree weather the day before Thanksgiving.

    Grateful my husband is not afraid to cook the turkey and dinner on Thanksgiving when I don't feel well.

    Grateful for the wonderful friends I have made in bloggerland.

    Grateful for my home to keep my family warm.


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