Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Recap

I've been trying to remember the Christmas of 2010 but a lot of the details escape me.

Hubs and I came down with the stomach flu on the 23rd and we're both still feeling the lasting effects of it.

We both slept through Christmas Eve and most of Christmas.  December 26 is still a blur.

Our oldest daughter and her family were visiting from Boston and we feared they would all be stricken with the same condition - but praise God, they all seem to be doing well.

Thank goodness I had prepared my menu ahead of time and even made a lot of the meals in advance.  It really was a blessing I didn't know I needed.

Before we got sick, we were able to enjoy a day and a half of cuddles, snuggles, and laughs.

Someone really likes their thumb and lovey.

Someone else loves to investigate and "help".

The major source of entertainment was the singing and dancing snowman (who also changes colors).  He  never failed to enthrall the little ones. 

Just when we thought our Christmas visit was coming to an end, 
this happened:

. . . and kept everyone trapped for an extra day and a half.

Tomorrow, I'll show you how I was able to take advantage of the extra time.

** I was so glad my youngest daughter took care of Christmas day photos (I couldn't even hold a camera).  Check out her blog if you want to see how the day went.  They had to leave early as her new husband was starting to feel the effects of. . . well. . . you know. . . the stomach flu of Christmas 2010.


  1. So many people I know ended up with the flu this Christmas - yuck! :( I'm glad you were still able to fit some quality time in with family though - and maybe that snow was a little bit of a blessing huh? I hope you're on the mend now!

  2. Oh no! You too? I got it a week before, and missed Shane Christmas, but fortunately was well enough for our own Christmas. Unfortunately Paul wasn't so fortunate. Bah humbug.

  3. Sorry to hear that you and hubby were sick. I went through the same thing a few years ago. No fun at all. It was a blessing that you had prepared stuff in advance and that you had your two beautiful daughters around to help you.

  4. So sorry you were sick!!! Precious pictures...he is adorable!


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