Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My First Award

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from a friend (in blog life and real life) stating that I had been given a Stylish Blogger Award.  Who, me?

Cindy, from Dwellings, gave me the award.  She is such a sweet person and a very talented homemaker.  Thanks for the "shout out", Cindy. 

In order to receive the award, the recipient must:
          1.  Be a gracious recipient and thank the awarder (and courteously link back to her blog).
          2.  Share 7 things about themselves to make it interesting.
          3.  Give the award to 15 other recently discovered blogs.
          4.  Contact the blog authors to let them know the good news.

So. . . for the 7 things about myself:

          1.  Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  My goal in life is to bring Him honor and glory.
          2.  I've been happily married to my best friend, Skip, for nearly 30 years. 
          3.  We have 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 1 son, and 2 grandsons. They are the apple
               of my eye.
          4.  In my spare time, I teach preschool and make upcycled accessories for my Etsy shop.
          5. We have two goats, two cats, and two chickens hanging around our house with more
               chickens on the way as well as bees for a bee hive.               
          6.  I am ridiculously afraid of frogs.  In fact, if we are ever walking together and a frog jumps
               nearby, I will climb on you to get away from the frog.  And, I will scream bloody murder in your
               ear.  I am not, however, afraid of bugs, spiders, or snakes. 
          7.  Nothing makes me happier than finding a "treasure" in a thrift store - or even better, on the side
               of the road. 

Now, for the fun part.  I'd like to give this award to 5 bloggers whose blogs I've recently discovered and have been enjoying.  I know the "rules" say 15 bloggers and I am a rule follower, but I'm also a rule changer - and I'm changing it to 5 because I think 15 is too much.  I'm choosing quality over quantity.  (So sorry to the person who started this).  I also wanted to add some commentary on why I think these bloggers are stylish.  So, here we go:

Bee Haven Acres- I've never met Bev in person but I know we would get along.  Why?  She has goats and makes aprons!  Just like me!  Her home is beautiful and if you're interested in caring for goats, chickens, horses, or bees then she's your girl. 

Tales From The Coop Keeper - Jayme is the funniest person I've never met (in person).  She is very devoted to her chickens, has yummy recipes on her blog, has taken frugal living to the extreme, and wears one of my upcycled aprons (with chickens on it) with pride. 

Kuzak's Closet - Amanda's blog (her last name is Kuzak) is chock full of organizing ideas and lots of before and after photos to get you inspired.  She's very talented and makes money for her clients by selling their unwanted items on Ebay for them.  Smart girl.

The Cozy Cape - I've actually known Heather since she was in middle school with my oldest daughter.  She's quite the talented girl and her cabinet door turned serving tray is amazing.  I'm looking forward to seeing what projects are coming up for her home. 

Sister Pickers - If you like to see before and after pictures of fixed-up finds, then you'll love this brand new blog by Connie and Marie.  They travel around  finding used furniture and accessories.  They beautify them and then sell them - upcycling at it's best!

So girls, I'll be contacting you to let you know about this award.  Your blogs rock - in a stylish sort of way!


  1. Hi Kelly, We are HONORED to be mentioned on your blog! What a nice surprise! This will definately motivate us to post more often. We appreciate it more than you know!



  2. Congrats on the Award~ I have to tell you I don't like frogs either...I'm going to hop over to the blogs you have picked ;-)

  3. Thank you so much, what an honor!

  4. Congrats! I'll check out the blogs in my spare time (haha), but that cabinet door serving tray is amazing! Thanks for linking to it!


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