Thursday, May 26, 2011

The King Is In The Garden!

Last week while weeding the sugar snap peas, I saw a little visitor.  It was a baby Eastern King snake. 

I'm not afraid of snakes, just frogs, but I did crawl away from it. 

Well, Saturday, Hubs had to rescue baby's mommy (or daddy) from the bird netting we're using to cover our cherry trees with.  She (he) was caught in the netting and had to be cut out (netting was cut - not the snake). 

We don't mind king snakes around our property because they are helpful.  They eat the rodents that eat my garden.  They also eat other snakes. 

Sigh. . . Hubs is only allowed to wear these clothes around Brown Wren Acres (our property).  He's really good about changing his clothes before he leaves the property.  Of course, now I've posted this for everyone to see he might think he's allowed to wear them to Home Depot.  He's not. 


  1. He looks perfectly cute for Home Depot!

    I wish I could get mine to change before leaving for the hardware store! 8-) That's not happening at our house!

    Sheri O.

  2. That makes me want to puke LOL!!!

    Not the clothes - the snake! Give me a frog ANY day.

  3. Mike and I both laughed at your comment about hubby and his outfit. You ought to see what Mike wears to t Home depot/lowes. : )

  4. OMG, I would FREAK OUT! I love your postive outlook on this. :)


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