Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wrensday: Out In The Garden

Our new honey bees seem very happy in their new home and are already filling the hive.

My hard-working man's "honey do" list is never done. 

We can't wait for the sugar snap peas to be harvested.  Sometimes we just stand out in the garden and eat them directly off of the vine.  Yummy!

Our newest "girls" are out of the heat controlled nursery and enjoying their new home in the portable chicken coop.  They're too little to free range just yet. 

I found a little lizard sunning himself on the Virginia-rail fence by the iris border.

The potato plants are happy to be weeded. 

Mr. Chive-head is sporting a fancy hair do.  The chive blossoms add just the right touch.

We don't seem to have too many apples on the apple tree this year.  Oh, well.

I  hope you enjoyed this walk around my garden.


  1. Spring certainly is beautiful at Brown Wren Acres!! :-)

  2. I love those little "creations" that are in your garden!

    How much honey do you think you'll get from the hives? And how often do you get to harvest it? It'd be really neat to "make" your own honey - although I think my boys would shoot me if I willingly brought bees to our property LOL

    I am definitely a farm girl. I know nothing about any of it, but it all fascinates me and I'd love to live on one.

  3. Your garden is a bright touch to this rainy day! I especially love seeing the bees.

  4. I enjoyed it too. I am trying to start my own. I am hoping some of your green thumb has rubbed off on me.

  5. Alexia,
    The metal "creations" were all made by the former owner of our home. He was very artistic.
    We're brand new to beekeeping so we're not sure how much honey we'll be getting. We've read that a good hive can produce 90 lbs. of honey a year. We'll have to wait until this Fall to see how "our girls" do.


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