Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Safety First With Cutting Boards

Food safety has always been something I've been concerned about, but I've become especially vigilant  lately.

The other evening as I was using my cutting board, I realized that my "raw meat" cutting board was rather  ratty looking and should probably be replaced.  I also noticed that the words "raw meat" that I had written on the edge of the board were so faded that they couldn't be read anymore - which meant that I knew it was for raw meat, but no one else did.  Hmmm. . . that could be a problem!

Enter - solution:

The top board is my regular cutting board.  The bottom board is my new "raw meat" cutting board.  See the writing?  Nothing fancy - just a Sharpie marker right on the edges of the board (write on all sides). 

As long as my cooks can read, they're good to go.  Well, and as long as they can follow directions too.  It's a simple fix, but could save one of us (probably me) from getting sick.  Do me a favor - go check your cutting boards - right now!  I know, I'm bossy. 

*I like to use bamboo cutting boards (yup, it's an Amazon link) because bamboo has a tight grain that resists cracking a warping.  I prefer to cut on wood rather that plastic or glass because of the sound it makes - I know, I'm weird like that!

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