Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Motivation: Family Room Storage Options

Our Monday Motivation this week is too look at storage options for the Family room.  Don't be afraid to try furniture and items that are usually found in other rooms of the house.

How about a trunk for a coffee table.  It doubles as a table and storage. 
Storage Chest Coffee Table
Source:  Better Homes and Gardens

An antique dresser works well as a sideboard, a hall table, a tv stand, or a linen closet.  I have a dresser in my dining room and a tall dresser in my bathroom.  Both store a ton of stuff and make everything look neat and tidy.

Source:   Miss Mustard Seed For HGTV

A large open-backed shelf makes a fabulous room divider.  Items can be displayed on either side but still allows light to pass through. 


A section of a log, sanded and sealed, makes a great little side table.  Hubs is making one for me right now.  Warning - lots and lots of sanding is in your future if you want to make one of these yourself.   Just say'n!

Please share your storage ideas in the comment section. 

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