Friday, September 30, 2011

Decorating Canning Jars On The Cheap

Last year was the first year I canned tomatoes and I was hooked. 

 I loved being able to grab a jar of organic tomatoes out of my pantry in mid-winter to make soups and chili.  What I didn't love was trying to scape the labels off of my jars when I was done.  You see, canning jars and their rings are reusable (Go green!).  Only the lids must be replaced.  The labels you can buy are handy to use but are a real pain to remove from the jars. 

This year, after canning tomatoes and relish,  I decided to try to come up with something different - something less sticky.

I cut up some of the abundant brown burlap left over from my daughter's wedding last fall and secured it with elastic hair bands I found at the dollar store. Then I simply printed out some labels on card stock and punched out a cute tag shape with a paper punch.  After punching a small hole in the top, I snipped from the top of the tag into the small hole and that allowed the tag to slip onto the hair band.

As I use the jars of tomatoes and relish, I can save the hair bands and burlap circles to use next year.  I already set up a basket in my utility room to collect them. 

I'm in the middle of organizing and making an inventory of my pantry right now, so I'll show pics when I'm done.


  1. Such a cute idea. I just use a Sharpie to write on the lid. It's the lazy woman's way :-)

  2. Okay, I'll be honest - let's hear it for the lazy woman! :-) I can't even manage to get my tomatoes in the jars even when I promise myself I'm going to do it this summer. Now that I'm over run with green tomatoes I need to go back and try again. I'll be checking out that post from last year. Thanks Kelly!


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