Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Motivation: Keeping Your Car Organized

If your car is a mess, start at the beginning by reading Post #1, Post #2, and Post #3.

If your car is looking good, but you need help keeping it looking nice, then keep reading. . .

1.  Keep a trash bag in your car and FILL it. 

2.  Empty the trash bag every time you fill your car up with gasoline.

3.  Once a month, check over your car. 
     a.  check the tire pressure, windshield wiper fluid, oil, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid
     b.  check the paperwork in your car to make sure it is current - insurance, registration, and inspection
     c.  vacuum carpets and seats, wipe down dashboard and console, clean windows

4.  Remove extra items from your car whenever you arrive home.  Don't leave extra clothing, toys, or supplies in the car.   Doing so only welcomes more items to pile up.

5.  Keep containers in your cargo or trunk area to keep items from rolling around while driving.

One reader, Robin, had a great addition to last week's list of important items to keep in your car:

"Hi Kelly,

I think it is important to always keep some cash (paper dollars and change) in your car, not just in your purse. You could lose you purse or have it stolen, etc. Atm's may not always be available or the electricity could be out and places may only accept cash.

I also think it is smart to fill up when your car is at 1/2 tank. That way you always have enough gas to get where you're going."

Thanks, Robin.  Great ideas. 


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