Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monday Motivation: Laundry Room Organizing

I've chosen November as the month to cover the topic of organizing the laundry room.


This first week we'll talk about how to decide what purpose your laundry room will serve.

Next week we'll cover how to purge unnecessary items and organize what you want to keep.

The third we'll look at storage options and appliances.

Lastly, we'll talk about laundry chores and fun ways to decorate the room.

So, this week is all about deciding what you'll use your laundry room for.  Here are some questions you'll want to ask yourself:

1.  How many people use this room?
2.  What types of laundry are handled in this room? (whites, lights, darks, linens, delicates, dry cleaning, diapers)
3.  Do you hand wash any laundry?
4.  Do you hang laundry up to dry?
5.  How many loads do you do in a week?
6.  What types of laundry products do you need to store?
7.  Do you need space to hold dirty laundry until it is washed?
8.  Where is clean laundry folded?
9.  Where is ironing done?
10.  Where is mending done?
11.  Does this room need to function for your pets?
12.  Do you use this room as a mud room?
13.  What other items need to be stored in this room? (sports equipment, school supplies, pet supplies, craft supplies, home cleaning equipment, food storage, outerwear and shoes/boots)

While you are taking a good look at the room, you should also look at what kind of shape your room is in.  Does it need to be painted?  Does it need new flooring or extra storage?   Do you have items that are piled up or sitting in boxes?  That is a sign that you need more storage (or proper storage). 

Ready to get started?  Don't forget to take some "before" pictures so you can look back and see what an improvement you've made when you're finished.

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  1. great post to follow...I just found your blog and it's fantastic!

    I just completed my laundry/mudroom stop by my blog and check it out!



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