Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Purses In The Etsy Shop

Braving wind and temps in the 70's today, I finally got my new purses and bags photographed and listed in my Etsy shop.  Just joking. . . it was a beautiful day.

I'm really excited about these new bags.  They were a lot of fun to make.

This first one was made from an upcycled child's dress.  I cut the top part off and added an insert (to hold stuff) as well as some embellishments and a sturdy strap.  It would make a perfect ballet bag for some special little girl.

This next bag was made from an upcycled child's skirt.  I love the hearts, especially so close to Valentine's Day. 

Here's a fun purse for a grown up ballerina (or even a non-ballerina).  Fluffy and Festive.

This purse has great flowy (is that a word?) fabric.  Orange is a hot color right now for accessorizing.  This bag comes with a special removable flower pin.  You'll have to check out the listing to find out what I made it from . 

Thanks for checking out the shop.  Now I'm working on some grocery bags - you'll never guess what I'm making them out of - but for sure it's upcycled!


  1. Today was absolutely gorgeous, wasn't it? Hard to believe we're just finishing up January. One of my friends tweeted earlier today that the Virginia geese must be pretty mad that they flew south this year haha.

    Love the bags btw. They're adorable! Going to add your Etsy shop to my circle now. :-)


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