Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wrensday: What's Blooming In My Garden In January

It's been unseasonably warm here this winter.  Only a few days (and nights) with frigid weather. 

I'm loving having some blooms around the yard to cheer me up.

Yellow Violas in the window box on the deck railing.

Pyracantha espaliered in the courtyard.

Carolina Jessamine on the arbor gate in the courtyard.

Beautiful pink Camelia near the front porch.  (I bought this bush for $3.00 two years ago at Lowe's  during their fall clearance sale.  I make it a point to shop there every fall to pick up shrubs and trees.)

Buds are starting to form on the Forsythia.  I'll bring a few branches in next week to force.  Then I'll have yellow blooms inside and out.

What's blooming in your garden?

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