Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guest Bathroom On A Budget

I've always loved this little bathroom on the third floor of our house.  It has a cast iron soaking tub and it's walls are clad with tongue and groove paneling.  I never really decorated it when we moved in because it was my teen son's bathroom and he didn't really care what it looked like.  It only held the necessities that you see below -towel, toilet paper, kleenex, and soap.

After said son vacated the room and I redecorated it to become a guest room, I decided it need a little bit of fluffing.  I didn't spend any money, but instead shopped around my house to add some special touches. 

I tried to add light colored accents in the room to balance the darker tones of the wood - and there is a lot of wood - from floor to ceiling!  I added some colorful accessories to the shelves.  See the little glass goblet on the side of the tub?  It's holding the tub stopper!  All of our old tubs and sinks in the house have rubber stoppers instead of modern metal ones. 

I'd love to replace the lighting (I mean, really, who needs 6 light bulbs in their bathroom) but I'm not ready to add another thing to Hubs hubby-do list right now.  A wall basket holds extra hand towels and washcloths.  See the little dish next to the soap pump?  Yup, holding the sink stopper!

The soaking tub will eventually get a shower curtain, hung from a ceiling mounted rod, but for now the hand held sprayer will have to do (and our guests can always use the shower in the second floor bathroom.

The large vase was a gift from a friend.  It's the same china pattern my grandmother used and that my favorite aunt uses (The Friendly Village by Johnson Bros.)  And yes, here's another view of the lovely rainbow and daffodil window.  The oil painting was done by my daughter under the tutelage of my grandmother.   I love having special things around the house that remind me of people I love. 

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  1. Hi Kelly, love your do-over! So pretty. Your TLC makes every space special!!
    Love you and miss you!


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