Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guest Room Redo - A Bed On A Budget

My goal was to have a welcoming guest room on the third floor of my home since the children had left the nest.  My goal was pretty big and my budget was pretty small so I had to get creative.

First, I used an antique bed frame that I bought about 25 years ago for $40.00.  It had been in the master bedroom until we upgraded to a queen size set.  We actually used the queen set on the full size frame for awhile.   Hubs rigged it so it wouldn't fall apart, but it wasn't ideal.  I sanded it down and spray painted it with a satin black paint.

  The foot board on the left has been sanded and the headboard on the right has been sanded and sprayed with one coat of paint.  I ended up using three coats and used 2 cans of paint.  Several light coats is better than one heavy coat.

 My spraypainting area was quickly set up using a drop cloth over my compost tumbler in the back yard near my potting bench.  Looks like I have some tidying up to do!

Here's the third floor of our home, waiting for it's new identity.

Here's Hubs trying to fit a full size mattress and box spring up a very narrow and tight stairway.  Now that I feel so much better, he's having a hard time keeping up with all of my projects.  I may or may not have heard him mumbling under his breath. 

 I was able to get the Serta mattress and box spring set at a deep discount because they did not match exactly and the box spring had a smudge on one corner.  I figured it would always be covered, so it wouldn't matter.  Saving several hundred dollars on a slightly imperfect, not to be seen by the naked eye mattress set?  Yes, please. 

Once all of the pieces were put together we had a nice bed for our guests. 

Next post - dressing the bed on a budget.

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  1. I love it!

    I've been keeping an eye out for one of those luggage racks like you have at the end of the bed. Our guest room is just crying out for one. ;-)


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