Thursday, February 2, 2012

Honey Pot Turned String Holder

When I was showing you my new sewing accessory, I was secretly keeping something from you.  I know, I'm so ashamed!  I was hiding my new honey pot.  But, in Tidy Brown Wren's world, it's not really a honey pot. . .

It's a container. . .

For string. . .

Yes, my new honey pot string holder.

To go with my collection

Hmmm. . . I might have a small addiction to white containers.


  1. Besides, if it was really a honey pot, Nicholas might lift the lid expecting to find YOU!

  2. Yes, I'm the only "Honey" that grandson, Nicholas knows about.

  3. That is so clever, Although it would be wonderful with honey.
    Cute idea. Kathy


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