Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Clucking And Buzzing

We've welcomed a few new girls into the chicken pen for a few days.  We're chicken sitting for some friends from church until they get their chicken accommodations built.


They've been very good little cluckers.  Scratching and roaming and getting along just fine.

I did have to run outside once this morning (in my pajamas and muck boots) to chase off what I thought was a hawk.  Turns out is was a buzzard and won't hurt the chickens.  At least I got some exercise - hope the neighbors weren't watching!

That's our own Reba Mae on the right in the picture below.  She's our only chicken left - all of the others were attacked by wild dogs, coyotes, or hawks.  She's also our last "named" chicken.  We've learned to not name our chickens anymore.  We'll just call them "the girls".  She's enjoyed the company of other chickens for the past few days.  She's even layed an egg!

In other news, the bees were a flurry of activity today - it was in the 70s.  They were coming and going like crazy and their little pollen sacks were stuffed full.  I sure hope we get some honey this year. 

Our hive boxes are wrapped with paper to help keep the hive warm in the winter.  We really didn't need it today. 

Happy clucking and buzzing at your home!


  1. LOVE your hens...I want some so badly! Just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower!

  2. Thank you soooo much for girl sitting! Glad they are all getting along.


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