Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Motivation: 10 Things To Get Rid Of

One of my favorite things to do is throw away (or give away or recycle) items that I no longer need.  I try to strive for at least 10 items but this week I worked on 10 categories. 

Here's what I got rid of:

     1.  Candles:
               . . .  whose scent I didn't care for.  I sold them at my daughter's yard sale.
               . . .  that just don't look good anymore.  I threw them away.
     2.  CDs:
               . . .  those I never listen to.
               . . .  those I had duplicates of.  I sold them all.

     3.  Books:
               . . .   any that I never intend to read again.  I sold them.
               . . .   those that belonged to someone else.  I returned them.
               . . .   old coloring books (some 20 years old) were thrown away.

     4.  Vases:
               . . .  duplicate sized vases.  I saved my favorite of each size and sold the rest.
               . . .  any that were chipped or had permanently etched water marks.  I actually sold several.
     5.  Magazines:
               . . . old magazines were added to the "free" box at the yard sale.
               . . .  my old collection of cooking magazines are ready for me to go through and glean only
                      the recipes I actually use.  The rest will be donated or recycled.

     6.  Old School Supplies:
               . . .  any that were still usable I donated to a school.
               . . .  paper that was not in donating condition was recycled.

     7.  Sad Looking Houseplants:
               . . . I added worn out plants to my compost pile
               . . .  any diseased plants were thrown away so the disease would not be spread to other

     8.  Napkins and Placemats:
               . . .   any "loners" or patterns I no longer use were added to the yard sale pile.
               . . .   I'll upcycle several of my favorite patterns that don't provide enough place settings
                       to make bags and aprons.

     9.  Coasters:
                . . .  how many coasters do we really need?  Not as many as I had!  Sold them!
                . . .  any that were beyond their lifespan were discarded.

    10.  Serving Pieces:
               . . .   if I haven't used a piece in the past year then it went in the yard sale box.
               . . .   not sure how disposable pieces got stored in my dining room sideboard, but they
                       went to the recycling bin.

So, what will you get rid of this week?  Be sure to tell us in the comment section. 

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