Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Motivation: Cleaning 10 Forgotten Places In Your Living Room

July is almost over and I've done a pretty good job of working through my living room/family room.  I'm making a lot of changes to the room so it's been a good opportunity to really clean some forgotten areas. 

sitting area at The Wren

Our main floor is really just one large room with a fireplace placed smack in the middle of it all.  Furniture arranging is a bit difficult, but we manage to make to work.  I treat the whole downstairs as one area when I'm cleaning and organizing. 

sofa with cover

This sofa is actually on it's way out of my house.  I've ordered a new sofa and chair and they are due to arrive in a week or two.  This old one (lovely plaid under this neutral cover) will go to our son and he can use it in his apartment. 

OK.   Where was I?  Oh, yes, cleaning the forgotten places!  I almost forgot! 

Forgotten places to clean:

1.  Baseboards - Vacuum with the brush attachment and wipe with a damp cloth.  Touch up any dings with paint.

2.  Ceiling fan - After turning it off, wipe blades clean with a damp cloth.  Clean any light fixture globes with window cleaner.

3.  Window sills - Open windows and vacuum out cobwebs and bugs.  Wipe with damp rag.  Close the windows and wipe inside window sill.  Touch up any dings with paint.

4.  Lamps - Turn lamp off.  Vacuum lamp shade with brush attachment.  Wipe lampshade with barely damp (clean) rag.  Clean light bulbs after they have cooled down with a damp rag.

5.  Tops of door frames and window frames - Use the brush attachment to vacuum tops of door frames and window frames.  While you're at it, check for any cobwebs in the corners. 

6.  Light switches and outlet covers - Wipe these with a damp rag, using a bit of a mild cleaner if necessary.  Replace any that are cracked or discolored. 

7.  Artwork - Remove artwork from the walls and vacuum the backs.  Wipe frames with a damp rag.  Clean glass with window cleaner sprayed onto a damp rag.  Never spray cleaner directly onto the glass. 

8.  Tables - Turn coffee and end tables upside down and vacuum their undersides.  Tighten any loose screws to make the tables more stable.  Touch up any scratches with touch up sticks. (or a matching crayon!)

9.  Pillows and blankets - Remove covers from pillows and launder or dry clean them.  Fluff the inserts in the dryer.  Wash any blankets or throws after making any repairs to rips or frayed edges. 

10.  Odds and Ends - Wipe decorative items with a damp cloth or remove dust with the brush attachment on a vacuum.  Weed out any items that no longer have any meaning or that are tired looking or broken.  Only keep those things that you absolutely love. 

So, there you have it.  The forgotten things have been found and taken care of.  Do you have any other forgotten areas that you would like to add to the list?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Oh Kelly, I thought I was finished until I read this post! Time to clean the ceiling fans and clean the windows! Wonderful Monday Motivations on the living room in July!


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