Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Motivation: Cleaning Your Car's Headlights

Hubs drives our old family van back and forth to work.  He also uses it to haul hay, animal feed, and various home improvement products from the hardware store.  It's an old, beat up vehicle but still runs so we're not ready to replace it yet. We try not to wash it very often because we're pretty sure dirt and grime are holding it together.   We also don't want to put much money or time into it as it's days are limited. 

We noticed that the headlights were getting dimmer and we were looking into products at the auto parts store that promised to clean up the "fogginess" because it's kind of important to have bright headlights at night on country roads.  We balked at the $30.00 price tag.

While hanging out on Pinterest, I saw an DIY project that showed how to do the same thing with a simple household product.

In the photo below, you'll see that the left side is foggier than the right side.

I used this simple product to clear up the lens.  A bonus is that I got this tube for free with my double coupons.

I rubbed the toothpaste on with an old cloth and simply buffed it off to reveal the clearer lens.

I'm  pretty pleased with the results and the best part is that it was FREE!

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