Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Extra Uses For A Solar Lantern

I received two solar lanterns as a birthday present from one of my daughters and son-in-laws.  They are a beautiful blue color with a great pattern.  They got them at Target.  Although designed to be used on a patio table or deck, I had to brainstorm ways to use them differently (is anyone surprised?)
solar lights

I took the top off of one of the lanterns and put a canning jar down inside to hold water for flowers.  Instant vase!  The other lantern worked perfectly as-is for a candle holder.  I simply placed a large candle on top. 

solar lanterns

I love the pop of color the lanterns add to my dining table and I get to enjoy this gift inside and outside.  Can you think of any other uses?

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  1. Hey Kelly, Great ideas. I love them. One thing I heard was during a power outage you can use the lights inside and then put them back out in the sun to recharge so when it gets dark you can use them again in the house if the power is out for many days.


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