Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Christmas Card Saga

As our family grows larger, we seem to have a harder time getting everyone together for a family picture.  I was determined to get a good photo to use for our Christmas cards. 
On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, all of the kids and grand kids came over after church and we gave it a shot.
After a yummy lunch and some clothing changes (the kid's clothes only stay clean for so long) we headed out into the back yard to set things up.
Hubs and I worked together to figure out the timer on the camera.  It was pathetic - we had to read the book that came with the camera.  In the end,  Ashley just used her camera on my tripod.

Then we did a trial shot with Ashley setting the timer and running towards us before the picture was taken.  While this was happening, Juan was chasing Nicholas (3 years old) around the backyard. 

We took about 20 shots and this one turned out the best.  Whew!

Back into the warm house, the grand littles gathered in Papa's chair in front of the Christmas tree.  Jonathan loves his little cousin Charlotte.

Some one's not happy, and there's some weird reflection on every single photo.  We turned lights on and off, moved the camera, moved shiny things out of the room - nothing helped.  Oh, well.

This is how the afternoon ended up - probably because someone didn't get a nap.

I'd like to thank my family for putting up with my ideas to have family pictures.  Next time, let's do it after a nap.  Sorry, Nicholas.

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  1. The sparkling lights can be an "enhancement" you added for effect.


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