Friday, January 4, 2013

How To Make A Firefighter Costume For Your Child

In mid December our preschool went to the Children's museum in Portsmouth, VA.  My grandfellas, who attend the school, had a great time.  Their favorite area was the mock fire station, complete with Firefighter costumes. 
I decided right then that the boys would be getting firefighter costumes for Christmas even though we had already purchased  gifts for them. 
I looked online to quickly order some but was very disappointed to find that they were cheaply made or too expensive to purchase for short term use by two growing boys.
I checked around the web and found a few ideas for making my own.  Here's the results.

I took a few pics at school today to get some close-up shots. First,  I found some dark colored shirts/jackets at the thrift store and went to work.
I used a size 5 kids fabric raincoat for the younger grandson's jacket and a modified women's naval uniform shirt for the older one's jacket.  I hemmed the uniform shirt and shortened the sleeves to help it fit better.
I used yellow duck tape around the bottom, middle, and sleeves as well as reflector tape on top to form the stripes.  I also used iron on letters for their last names and iron on flag patches.  I bought everything at Walmart.
The boys were really excited on Christmas morning.
It was a fun project to work on and I think they'll enjoy wearing their fireman jackets for several months.  (My Father-in-law loved seeing the boys play on Christmas morning)

Speaking of Firefighters, I like to teach my grandfellas and my students at the preschool to stop and pray everytime they hear sirens.  Just today, we stopped what we were doing in class, and prayed for the safety of the emergency workers and the people they were helping.  My 3 year old students are very eager to pray for our community helpers. 



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  2. Thank you for including where you purchased the supplies. 👍


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