Saturday, February 9, 2013

Starting The Kitchen Remodel: Demo and Dust

Ah, nothing like a little dust and debris to make a dull winter interesting.  We've begun the kitchen remodel and my kitchen no longer looks like this. . .

Wondering how I got that cool shot?  Well I have a handy-dandy window that looks down into my kitchen from my bedroom.  How cool is that?  Not! 

We're taking it out and boarding up the wall on both sides.

We had a sliding patio door that entered right into the kitchen.  In fact, I could not open my oven door all the way because the door trim was in the way.

We're putting a window in it's place so that we can have more cabinets and counter space.  The oven will move to where the fridge is now (or where it was last week).  Our contractor had to widen the opening and frame up the bottom part to make room for the new window.

The old window above the kitchen sink was not too bad, but Hubs (the master dishwasher and pan scrubber in our home) requested a larger window above His sink. 

Here are the two new windows in place.  We're waiting for the electrical to be roughed in now.  The whole kitchen had to be rewired.  Only a few surprises were found behind the walls.  Cabinets are ordered, faucet and sink have been ordered, and the cabinet hardware picked out.  I haven't found lighting I like yet and we'll go this week to pick out our counter tops. 

This is what the kitchen looked like a few days after Christmas.

Here's what it looks like today!

Oh, did I mention that we're watching our grandsons this week?  While their parents are on a cruise?  For a week?  On a cruise?  Good times!


  1. Oh I can't wait to watch the progression. I know you are so excited....and a little stressed I'm sure. It will be worth it in the long run. Keep us posted often please. :)

  2. Lol...good times for sure...:)...Can't wait to see your finished kitchen!! Have a great week!

  3. Wow! You really are making lots of changes! Can't wait to see the next photos! That bedroom window is a little funny. Your kitchen will look great when finished. I like the big windows you are installing.


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