Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kitchen Remodel - Almost done

Our kitchen remodel is almost done and I haven't posted photos in awhile.  We had a delay in finishing the project when the floor guy never showed up.  Our contractor had to bring in a different guy to complete the flooring with stain and 3 coats of finish.  

Notice our new lighting - exterior lighting from Lowe's.  We put in three lights - one over each window.  We were still waiting for the cabinet maker to bring in our missing glass-front cabinet (see the empty space with phone wires sticking out on the left side?)

The ceiling fan purchase was quite a saga.  One was ordered and paid for, order canceled, new one purchased, parts returned, ceiling fan installed, and finally hooked up.  Whew, done!  It is a Hunter ceiling fan hardwired to a wall switch but also has a remote control for fan speed and light control. 

The flooring was finally finished and the glass-front cabinet installed.  Dust and fumes for 3 days.

The guys did a great job with the transition from wood to brick floors. 

We were able to get the fridge and stove installed in time to have Easter dinner.  We pushed our old island into the middle of the kitchen temporarily - I'll be refinishing it soon to match the rest of the kitchen.  Our youngest grandfella loves to help Papa wash dishes at the new sink. 

Papa makes it look like so much fun.

Just a few more details to be finished and we'll be done with the kitchen remodel.  It's been an interesting trip.