Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monthly Maintenance

Do you ever feel like you are falling behind in the maintenance of your home and car. It's those little things that keep getting pushed aside. Before you know it things are looking a little run down or even becoming a safety hazard. We've developed a way to keep track of those little maintenance jobs.

1. Make a spread sheet on your computer (or even use paper and pencil).
2. Down the side, list all of the areas you can think of that need occasional care. (examples will be given at the end of the post)
3. Across the top, list the months of the year
4. If you want to remind yourself when to do the jobs, highlight each month the job needs to be done. Also, write it in your planner or calendar on the correct month.
5. When you accomplish a task, check it off in the appropriate box.

If you have a bad memory, like me, you will appreciate this chart. With one glance, you can see what you have done and what still needs to be done (or delegated :))

Examples of jobs to be done are:
1. check smoke alarms
2. check tire pressure and oil in vehicles
3. back up computer files
4. wash windows
5. clean carpets
6. get fireplace cleaned
7. clean gutters
8. get HVAC checked and maintained
9. flip mattresses for even wear (for older mattresses)
10. get lawnmower tune-up

These are a few of the areas you might have regular maintenance in. Everyone has different needs.

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