Friday, July 31, 2009

Heirloom party

I was inspired by Emma Calls Me Mama's Heirloom party and it got me to looking around my home for family heirlooms. I've gotten most of my family heirlooms by default. It's usually because the other family members consider it to be junk. It is these very pieces that I fall in love with, more for the story behind it than anything else. Below, is a little wooden picture that my Grandpa Gray made for my Grandma. He was a gruff, army major and I never imagined that he had the ability to dream this up and make it. I guess he had a special sweet spot for grandma (I guess we all did).


  1. Oh, how sweet! What a lovely treasure to have and how nice to see the softer side of your grandfather!

  2. Hello Kelly - thank you for joining the party! What a sweet little picture, and what's sweeter is that it was made by your Grampa for your Gramma.


  3. That is soooo sweet! Even tough Army guys have a heart ;)



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