Friday, August 7, 2009

Gel stain makes everything better

Last week, on one of my "thrifting" adventures, I found this candlestick for $1.98.
I liked the shape, but not the finish.

After rubbing it with some sandpaper, I spray painted it with black paint and a few sprays of bronze. I liked the color, but not the sheen. I wanted it to match a candle holder I had gotten on clearance at Pottery Barn. Solution - I brushed on some of my favorite Minwax Gel Stain in Brazilian Rosewood. It was just the right touch! I love my gel stain. It is my solution for just about every problem I have with an item's finish. I wish they made it for hair, 'cuz the humidity is making mine crazy!!!

The round boxes were origionally used by DH's grandma to store Baking Soda and Corn meal in her pantry. I love them. I store matchbooks in one and antique buttons in the other.

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