Thursday, September 10, 2009

Before and After: You can paint your garage floor

I'm so excited about this project. We worked on it over the Memorial Day Weekend because we knew we would have dry weather and we all had a few days off. We started by taking everything out of our garage. We have a huge garage (920 square feet) and the floor was really gross. I never liked to go into the garage because it was dirty, depressing and it always felt damp because of the untreated concrete. Here is a before picture.

Here is the after picture:

I used the Behr line of concrete paint and their little bags of paint sprinkles. You simply clean your floor, paint a small area at a time, and sprinkle it with the paint flecks.(that was my favorite part-like sprinkling streusel onto coffee cake).

We painted 3/4 of the floor on Saturday morning. We decided to only paint part of the floor because it takes a while to dry and we needed to keep some things under cover in case of rain. After the 3/4 part of the floor was dry, we moved everything onto that part of the floor and painted the rest.

We also took this opportunity to go through the garage and get rid of junk. A quick visit to Sam's club for some new shelves and I'm as happy as can be.

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