Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Motivation: Clean out your purse

Something happens to me around this time of the year. I guess it's the start of the new school year or maybe it's the cooler weather. Whatever the reason, I can't help myself. I have to clear out the clutter around my house. I think it's called nesting :)

We all tend to accumulate junk. It creeps in, unawares, and before we know it we are drowning CLUTTER.

Monday Motivation is a good time to tackle those little pile-ups of clutter. Today we'll tackle our purses/bags.

First, collect every purse/totebag you have. Bring a wastebasket nearby and a small box or container.

Let's start:

1. Take your current purse and take EVERYTHING out of it.

2. Throw the trash into the wastebasket. Shake the bag over the wastebasket to get out all of that yucky residue that collects in the bottom.

3. Place all items that won't be returning to your purse into the box/container.

4. Repeat this with all of your purses and bags.

5. Decide now, with all of your bags in front of you, which bags you can get rid of or donate.

6. Wipe down any leather bags with a leather cleaner.

7. Wash any bags that are machine or hand washable and hang to dry.

8. Return the usable items to your current bag.

9. While you have everything out, you might want to make a copy of your credit cards for protection.

10. Put your other bags away where they will be easy to get to.

11. Take the items in your box/container and put them where they belong.

Need a reason to shop? How about some of these cute organizing ideas?

Look at these pocket organizers.

Seriously, I'm thinking of trying to make something like this. I love this pattern.

This one would be great for larger bags. I like how it gives structure to floppy material

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  1. Hey, you inspired me to clean out/swap my purses yesterday! I got out my new fall purse and put away the summer one after reading your post. Thanks!


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