Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Dreams: Freshly ironed pillowcases

One of the special childhood memories I have of living with my Grandma is of sleeping on freshly ironed pillow cases. The smooth cotton fabric felt cool against my cheek and the smell was of clean, line dried fabric. It is no wonder I have a special bond with old pillow cases. I especially love the cases with delicate trim or embroidered hems. The one drawback of these old linens is that they come out of the wash looking like a wadded up tissue. They MUST be ironed to appreciate their beauty. Over the years I have found a few tips to help me iron these babies quickly. I can iron a whole stack in half a hour.

Here's my pile of un-ironed pillowcases.

Here's my little helper, Magic Sizing. I found out about this "magic" spray when I eavesdropped on a conversation two old ladies had with each other while on the laundry isle at the grocery store. They were extolling the virtues of Magic Sizing and how it made all the difference in their ironing. Well, as soon as they moved on, I moved in on the magic stuff. I snatched up a can and used it as soon as I got home. That was 23 years ago and I haven't done any ironing since then without it.
I use my iron on the cotton setting and use a medium amount of steam. Here is one of my pillowcases with the "before" on the left and the "after" Magic Sizing on the right.

Here is the result of my 1/2 hour of ironing. I beautiful stack of freshly ironed pillowcases ready to use. I think I'll sleep really well tonight.


  1. I love to iron!! Needless to say I will be going out and buying a can of Magic Sizing today! It will be my first. In the past have just used starch for stubborn wrinkles.

  2. I've never heard of it and I'm a big fan of ironing, though I can't say as I've ironed pillowcases. I'll be looking for it.


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