Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wrensday: Fall Decorations

I have been resisting the urge to put up my fall decorations because the temperature outside has been in the 90s. Well, this past weekend, the mercury finally dropped to 80 so out came the pumpkins and the leaves. I really like the change of scenery. Here's a few of the changes I've made.
I found this metal vase at the thrift store for $2.98. I found the pumpkins at the dollar store last year.
This is an arrangement I made for the hearth. I found this cobalt pitcher at the thrift store for $5.00 and used two of the "bush" type of flowers/greenery from Michaels.

Here's my mantle which is very difficult to decorate. It is hung very high and I can't put anything that is too tall up there. I found the three matted and framed wildlife pictures at the Salvation Army Store for $.99 each. They are hand painted and custom framed. (talk about a real find) I added a double garland (from Michaels) and a few more dollar store pumpkins.

That's it for decorating indoors. Next week I'll show you what I did outside. Now, isn't it time you decorated for fall?


  1. For once, I'm ahead of the curve. I got my fall decor up about 2 weeks ago in bits and pieces -- just in time for it to snow here in Colorado...

  2. Good for you Karen! We won't even have cold weather until November. I'm jealous of your snow that is soon to come. If it snows 2 inches in Southeastern Virginia, the schools close and everyone freaks out!!

  3. I bought three decorative pumpkins a couple of weeks ago. They sat in the recliner, forgotten, until my husband put them in a neat little row on the entertainment center. All done decorating!

    Actually, I would like to do more, but doubtful it will happen for various reasons.

    Yours looks wonderful!

    I think I'll be more in the "fall" mood when it's not pushing 90!


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