Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Motivation: Christmas cards

As we head into the week of Thanksgiving I can't help but think about what lies beyond. Thanksgiving comes a little later in November this year so it cuts into the time we "feel" like we have to get ready for Christmas. That said, we've got to get a jump on something that many people feel overwhelmed by - Christmas cards. Yup, those sweet little bits of card stock that relay Holiday wishes can totally undo a girl's goal to have a peaceful Christmas. I can remember in years past I would have panic attacks because I didn't have all of my 100 holiday cards addressed and mailed before December 23rd.

Over the years I've gotten a little perspective on this custom:

1. I reduced my list. Just because I sent my 2nd cousin a card in the past doesn't mean I have to send them one now. If I'm not close to them, then I don't send them one. If I see someone frequently throughout the year, I don't send them a card.

2. I simplified the card. I use to write a handwritten note (like my Grandma always did). Now I type a SIMPLE family letter and sign our names. Some people purchase pre-signed cards or photo cards and call it a day.

3. I shop early for my cards or I make them ahead of time. Not only do you get a better selection, but you don't have the hassle of overcrowded stores and panicked shoppers.

4. I buy Christmas stamps on-line and save myself the hassle of standing in the line at the post office.

5. If you haven't already taken your family photo, do it this weekend.

6. When you get your card list, cards, stamps, photos, and family letter together then you are ready to get down to business. Divide your total number of cards to send by 5 or 6. That number will give you the amount of cards you need to address each day for 5 or 6 days to get them done. (example: 50 cards divided by 5 nights equals 10 cards per night) I used to drag this process out and only do 2-3 cards a night. Let me just say that it takes a long time to get them done that way.

7. You don't have to sit at the dining room table to work on your cards. Carry them with you to your kids soccer practice, work on them while watching T.V., or finish them off while on hold waiting for the cable company to finally talk to you about your bill.

8. If this whole concept totally overwhelms you, just remember one thing - people are more important than things. No one will hate you if you don't send them a Christmas card.


  1. I agree, people are more important! I do love getting cards, so I always send them as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yikes! Thanks for the reminder! I'll be ordering mine this week!


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