Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wrensday: I love my clothesline

I love the smell of freshly dried linens on the line. Every Spring and Fall, I strip every blanket and quilt off of my beds and wash them and hang them on the line. Because I have allergies I also tumble them in my dryer with dryer balls. I got my dryer balls at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


  1. Okay I can't do this today, but it is on my list!
    BTW, how does having allergies relate to tumbling in the dryer?? Does that help remove allergens?

  2. Tumbling in the dryer helps to remove dust and pollen that collect on the linens when they are hanging outside. I don't hang out any clothes in the spring when the pollen is really heavy - you know, when all of our cars turn that funny yellowish/green color.

  3. I am actually doing the very same thing today! I just found your blog through Mandy at "ponderings of a simple heart" ..... It is wonderful.
    I have added myself to follow and added your to my blog list so that I remember to come back to visit.

    Blessings, GG


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