Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Tour

Welcome to my home! Thanks for traveling so far to see us. We hope you enjoyed the scenic drive and remembered to wave at the horses and sheep as you traveled down our country roads. Don't let the screen door slam as you come onto our porch. Our little bird tree stands sentry at the front door. She's wrapped with burlap and grapevine and decorated with natural ornaments.

As you walk into our foyer remember to pause under the mistletoe and smooch your sweetheart. I made this mistletoe ball with my grandma 29 years ago.

Here's our tree. No two ornaments are alike. Most are memories of our life together. The base of the tree is surrounded by a 100 year old quilt made by my great grandmother.

Here is my snowglobe collection. My very first snowglobe is on the top shelf, second from the left. Only half of the liquid is still in it! (Stay tuned to see this shelf reinvented in January)

This is our nativity set. The figurines are from Hubby's grandmother. She purchased them in the 1940's. Written on the bottom of each piece is the price she paid for them - 15 cents each.

To prevent our stockings from catching ablaze from the fireplace, we hang them along the staircase railing. I'm still working on 2 little ones for my two grandsons.

I made these stockings with quilted fabric, cuffed with embroidered fabric. I sewed some vintage German seed beads onto the embriodered fabric and added an initial ornament to label each stocking. Vintage trim from Great Nana's sewing box created the hangers.

This little tree is one of my favorites. It has a little "something" from each of our Grandmothers. The birds are from Gram, who used them when she taught children's church when I was a child. The small blue balls are from Grandma's tree. They are so petite. The small lace is from Nana's sewing box. It is used here as a garland. The tree skirt is made from a wide piece of German lace from Oma. I also added photo charms of my children when they were little. My Grandma loved those little charms and always wore them on a necklace.

This sweet little ornament is too detailed for me to see it hanging on my tree. Instead, I place it on my kitchen windowsill to enjoy.

This is our fireplace. I can't place too many things around it because we have to remove most of the items to light the fire. The stocking above the fireplace is made out of metal and is fine to keep hanging during a fire.

I try not to go overboard in decorating my house, but I do like to add a few details here and there. I few pieces of greenery decorate the downstairs guest bath. I added a sparkly starfish to the basket.

Another piece of greenery and a sparkly shell add a bit of Christmas charm next to the sink.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my simple, little house. I was a little too late to link up with Nesting place at thenester.com to share my home tour but pop on over to her blog to see some great ideas for holiday decorating.


  1. You're decorations are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  2. Love all of your Christmas decorations...very warm and welcoming!

  3. I appreciate so much that you decorate with items and heirlooms that "tell a story" and mean so much to your family. Unpacking the the decorations must be a trip down memory lane and an opportunity for "remember whens..." Love it!!

  4. I enjoyed looking through your blog this evening, Your decorating is beautiful. It's wonderful that you have such special momentos and how you incorporate them into your Christmas celebration.
    Thank you for sharing.


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