Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Motivation: Buy your 2010 calendars

There are only a few more weeks left in the 2009 year. As I was making a doctor's appointment the other day, I realized that I had nothing to write the day and time on. How could I have forgotten to get a new calendar? Could it be the days are just flying by too fast? Anyway, I went to Office Max and picked up a 2010 calendar refill for my day planner.

Years ago, when I first decided to get organized, I purchased the largest planner binder I could afford. After all, I was trying to keep up with three whole children. I wasn't doing a very good job at it, forgetting one at school and taking another to the wrong doctor. Believe me - I was bad. Over the years, I've slowly downsized the planner to roughly the size of a wallet. It serves me well for this time in my life. Thankfully, I became a better mother too.

In addition to a planner in my purse, I also buy a magnetic calendar to put on my fridge. I hesitated putting one on the fridge for years because I think it looks junky, but "junky" is better than "forgotten". Our whole family can look at the calendar and see what the other family members are doing each day. My husband can also check to see which days I'm meeting in client's homes so that he doesn't schedule the repair man for that day.

Once a month or so, my hubby and I sit down together and synchronize our calendars. We look ahead to events coming up and plan arrangements together. This has helped us to work together as a team, especially in the areas of parenting and finances. Sometimes we do this as part of a date. While we're waiting for our food to be served, we pull out our calendars and talk about what's going on.

When I get my new calendar I go, page by page, through my old one. Birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, etc. are all transferred into the new calendar. My husband does the same thing but he also lists monthly chores in his. ( Car inspections, changing batteries in smoke alarms, winterizing the faucets, etc.)

We've taught our children to keep a calendar for school and we were pleased when the school system provided planners for all of the students to help them learn time management. It's a skill everyone needs to learn.

So your motivation this week is to pick up your 2010 calendars. Pick out ones you love so you'll be prompted to use it more often.

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  1. I hadn't even thought of this ...I have so many Jan & Feb appointments all on little pieces of paper in my wallet. Thanks so much for the reminder.
    Blessings, GG


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