Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Motivation: Keeping it simple

We're all guilty of going a little crazy this time of year. You know, the flurry of activity that surrounds Christmas. Shopping, baking, crafting, partying etc. . . I was especially aware of the flurry while driving home the other day and I heard all manner of car horns going off. Apparently everyone had had it with the traffic and each other.

My Aunt gave me a little book she found. It is no longer available to buy, but I wanted to share a few thoughts from the book. The name of the book is The Legend of the Christmas Prayer by Brian Morgan.

The story goes that an older gentleman wanted to give special gifts to those he loved. Not having a lot of money he thought of what types of gifts he could give that would have more meaning than a purchased item.

He gave a prayer for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

A prayer for:
Day 1: Joy in abundance and laughter. Laughter cures our ills and joy makes our spirits soar.
Day 2: A simple sigh as needed, for a sigh clears the heart as a cough clears the throat.
Day 3: Tears when you need them, for they clear the eyes to see and cleanse the soul to heal.
Day 4: Serenity because fights and wars start in individual hearts and that is where they must end.
Day 5: Wisdom in making choices.
Day 6: Patience to know that most troubles pass and success comes with persistence.
Day 7: Courage to face pitfalls and problems.
Day 8: Compassion to help others.
Day 9: Willingness to work, for work turns dreams into reality.
Day 10: Unwavering faith, for faith shapes our morals and our destiny and draws us closer to God.
Day 11: A mind full of hope for hope determines our attitudes.
Day 12: A heart so full of love that every day you must give some away to those whose paths you cross.

This book is a wonderful addition to your Christmas book collection if you can ever find a used one. It has beautiful illustrations and is well written. It is my prayer for you that you search for each of these gifts in your own life. We already have them, they just need to be dusted off and used. Christmas blessings to all of my wonderful bloggy readers. You brighten my day by commenting on my posts and sharing your ideas.

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