Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A few days ago I showed you my guest bathroom that I painted and gussied up a bit. Well, one of the problems I had was what to do with the mirror. The previous owner left us the small mirror above the sink. It was charming in that it was hand made, stained glass with a nautical theme. Realistically, it was too small for the space and hung WAY too high (I could only see the top of my head in the reflection).

After a few days of checking out every store in the area, I finally found a mirror that was the right size. I needed a narrow mirror because the window trim invades the space above sink. I bought the mirror you see below. I found it at T.J. Maxx for around $20.00.

(The green plastic plate is the palate I use for my painting. )

Nice size - wrong color. But I wasn't worried because I have an arsenal of craft paint. I took my acrylic craft paint in silver and brushed it lightly over the gold areas. I let some of the gold peek through because I didn't want it to look too matchy-matchy with the other silver in the room. I didn't mind if it looked a little antique.

Because I wanted the dark background to still show through, I took a Q-tip and rubbed it into each groove around the mirror while the paint was still wet.

I'm pretty happy with the end product. Now I can see my whole face in the mirror. I wish it was a magic mirror that didn't show all of my wrinkles!

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  1. I really like your new mirror! I love the color you painted it and just how it dresses up the bathroom. It's funny, but I put up with a mirror hung too high in the bathroom so that I only saw from my nose up. I was looking for the perfect mirror and it took a couple of years, but I found it. Enjoy your blog :-D


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