Friday, January 15, 2010

Organizing Ribbon

I've been trying to organize my craft room/office. I guess organize isn't the right word. I've just been trying to put everything away where it belongs. I have a bad habit of pulling out supplies and not putting them away. I know, I know, I break my own rules! Well, anyway, this is a drawer unit the Hubs and I use as storage in the craft room/office. He has one drawer and I have the rest.
I want to show you how I store all of my ribbon. This, by no means, is the "best" way to store something as valuable as ribbon/string/trim. It is what works for me right now.

In the bottom of one of the biggest baskets, I have a plastic container that holds all of Oma Miller's vintage ric-rac and trims. I LOVE these vintage trims.

Then I sort all of the ribbons, by color, into ziploc bags. Because I have lot, I have to make sure to smoosh all of the air out of the bags so they will fit in the basket! The large bag on the right contains all of the trims that don't fit in a category. The bag on the bottom, second from the right, holds elastic. I keep any "glittery/sparkly" trim in their own separate bag.

I then put all of the bags into the basket and slide it into the unit. I don't store Christmas ribbon in this. I keep it with the Christmas wrappings.

In a future post I'll show you what is in the rest of the drawers. . . maybe.


  1. That little chest is perfect for that. I do my ribbons similarly, but I need that little chest! ha.


  2. I soooo need to do something with all my ribbon...I have way to much of this great stuff...I bought a lot of it at cost:)Great tips...thanks soooo much for sharing them. have a new friend...ME!



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