Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Mantle Decor

I was "over" my Christmas mantle decor. Ready for a more simple look.
Because we use our fireplace several times a week, I have to be very careful about what I put around the fireplace. I don't want to have to constantly remove items to light the fire. I'm still looking for something made out of metal to hang under the big space beneath the mantle. I would love to come across some metal flat birds that I could string on some barbed wire (which we have a lot of ). I would string it between the two brackets under the mantle. If you find some give me a shout!

I found these chunky frames at the thrift store for $2.00 each. I had planned on painting them a darker color to contrast against the light colored brick, but when I propped them up on the mantle to check for size, I was pleasantly surprised at how they looked. I put a little bird in one and a bird nest in the other. They are simply "resting" in the frames. I will put some sticky-tack on them to keep them from falling off.

I also added a few pine cones. Some are sitting and some are hanging from burlap floral wrap. I also added some small place card holders that are shaped like little birds. Sense a bird theme?

This is one of my favorite little birds. I think I got him from Target.

I was able to tack the hanging pine cones with thumbtacks from the wood ceiling (which is really the underside of my second floor pine flooring).

That's it for now. Well. . . at least until I find something to add to it or rearrange.

I'm joining up with Beth at The Stories of A to Z. Check out her blog for some more creative ideas.


  1. I love the arrangement you did. Especially the bird in the frame. I never would of thought of that.

    Thanks for all your wonderful tips. Enjoy reading your blog.


  2. LOVE those frames!! Thanks for sharing your mantel with us!

  3. The picture frames are my favorite! And I love the white candle by the opening of the fireplace. So, so pretty:)



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