Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Motivation: A different kind of "I love you"

As Valentine's Day approaches we start looking for ways to tell others we love them. Of all of the things my husband has given me over the years, one reminds me daily that he loves me. No, it's not jewelry (but I do love my jewelry). It's an ugly, black, shiny binder. But inside the binder is a collection of important info that my husband has compiled.

The compiled information is everything I would need to have at my fingertips if something ever happened to him. Depressing? Macabre? Not really. Loving? Absolutely! You see, he loves me so much that he wants me to have whatever I need during what would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me.

In our binder, hubs has compiled the following things:

1. copies of our wills and where the originals are kept

2. copies of our life insurance and where the originals are kept

3. name, phone, email, address for insurance contact

4. copies of investments with contact info

5. copies of everything in our safety deposit box

6. bank account numbers with contact info

7. health insurance policies with contact info

8. auto insurance policies with contact info

9. copies of latest Social Security statements

Some other things that could be added later are:

1. copy of power of attorney

2. copy of living will

3. list of what items we would like to leave to our family members

I recommend to all of my clients that they develop this same kind of binder (or it could be a file) for their loved ones. Nothing says I love you like planning ahead for emergencies.


  1. Hi Kelly:

    Your post was very timely, as I've been thinking my hubby and I need to make a central file with all of that type of information in case... well, I don't like to think about it. Since he takes care of our finances I would be in major trouble without a book like that. And, since I take care of all of family/household stuff, my hubby would similarly suffer if I were gone. It sounds like two notebooks are in order for us. Not a very romantic Valentines gift but it does speak of love and the desire to make sure those you love are cared for in your absence.

  2. What a great expression of love...far better than roses or candy. This year my husband and I wanted to celebrate Falentine's Day to reflect our thirty-eight years of love for each other. After your post, we have decided to take Monday off after Valentine's Day and spend the day together compiling a notebook with all the information we need in case of an emergency. Also, we're going out to Olive Garden for lunch together...:-)Thanks! This will be the best Valentine's Day ever!


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