Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Motivation: Welcome in the Spring

We've had a few days of above freezing temps now and I've begun to get a bit of Spring Fever. It helps to get through the dreary days of late winter if I have some springy decorations around the house to cheer me up. Here are some ideas for bringing that fresh look into your home:

1. Cut some twigs of spring blooming branches and bring them into the house. Some ideas are apple trees, cherry trees, forsythia, pussy willows, quince, and lilac. Simply cut small branches/twigs that are about 24 inches long and place them in a vase of water. In a few weeks you'll have a vase full of blooming branches. I've found that forsythia blooms the quickest. Last year my forsythia also rooted in the water and I had several new "bushes" to plant out in the yard.

2. Put away darker colored items and replace them with lighter colors. Pillow covers, vases, throws, picture frames, flower pots, and other accessories are all game. In the next few days I'll be posting several projects I've done to lighten up my home.

3. Look for accessories you have around your home that remind you of nature and "new life". Birds, bird's nests, eggs, feathers, seeds, flowers, leaves, moss, pastel colors, and lighter shades of your home's colors.

4. Rearrange your furniture to open up the floor plan. In winter we tend to "cocoon" and push furniture into cozier arrangements.

5. On sunny days, be sure to open your curtains and shades and let the sun shine in. If you have mini blinds or vertical blinds, open them up all the way to allow maximum sun to shine in. As nights are still cold, be sure to close them as the sun sets to keep cool air out.

6. If your climate allows, bring home pansies and other cold tolerant plants. Place them in a pot next to your front door and also where you can see them from inside your home (like on your deck). Seeing that cheerfulness outside will warm you up inside.

7. Place a bright and cheerful wreath on your front door. Michaels has a nice supply of spring picks available. Just buy 5-7 of them and stick them in a grapevine wreath you already have. I love the look of forsythia blooms poked into the rustic brown of a grapevine wreath. Very welcoming!

I hope you'll enjoy bringing a little bit of spring into your home.


  1. Thanks for the tips! I am thinking these will help me overcome my cabin fever!

  2. Oh, I was "lightening" up all weekend! It made me feel so much better. Great idea to bring some forsythia in. I also have a wild apple tree that blooms very early.


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