Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wacky Way to Store Paper

Storage is a problem in my house. We have very small closets and not much wall space to place freestanding cabinets or shelves. One thing I find very hard to store is poster board and large sheets of craft paper. I don't want to roll it or fold it because it will get damaged. When I purged and cleaned my craft room/office, I decided that I HAD to come up with a solution.

Well, here's the solution.

This is the rug on the floor of my craft room/office. I simply tuck the paper under the rug. It lays perfectly flat. My rug is just large enough and heavy enough to not slip around even though the paper is under it.
If you try this idea be sure to give your rug the "slip" test. Walk over it several times to make sure the paper doesn't make it slip and slide. It probably helps that my floors are not completely smooth and shiny.

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