Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Motivation: The overwhelming room

No, this isn't my home. This is typically what I find when I enter a home to stage. Many homes have a room where they just stick stuff. All kinds of stuff. Eventually the room becomes too much to handle and they just keep the door shut. Needless to say Realtors want these rooms "fixed" immediately to sell the home.

I hope you never, ever have to see a room like this. If you do run into one, let me give you a few tips to start you in the right direction.

1. First, gather several containers and bags. I use a dark garbage bag for garbage, a clear garbage bag for donations, and a laundry basket for items that need to go to other rooms.

You can also label containers for items that need repair, items that belong to someone else, or items that should be recycled or taken to a hazardous waste center (I'm serious). Also, make a place in the room for items that will remain in the room.

2. Start right inside the door. Pick up the first thing you find.

3. Decide right then and there what to do with it. Is it garbage? Do you want to donate it or sell it? Does it belong to someone else? Don't set it down unless it goes in a container.

4. Continue around the room picking up items as you go. Don't set anything down without making a decision.

5. With this system you can do as much or as little as you want at one time. If it is a room with a lot of memories I would suggest doing just a little at time. Keep your containers in the room and only remove them when they are full. That way you are ready to start up again by just walking in the room.

6. When all of the items have been sorted, remove the containers and take them to their respective places. Put any items that are to be donated into your vehicle so you can drop them off at the thrift store on your next errand.

7. Put any items staying in the room away. Don't leave anything in a pile or that will be the start of a messy room again.

8. Step back and enjoy a job well done.

If you're curious to know how the room turned out, here's the after picture. The homeowner sold the bedroom furniture, so I had to use odds and ends I found in the home. The home sold the very day I finished the staging.

The winner of my Dryer Rescue give away from last week is Rachelle from Fingerprints on the Fridge. Rachelle, e-mail me (tidybrownwrenatgmaildotcom)so I can mail you your dryer balls. Be sure to read the comments from the Dryer Rescue post so read what Rachelle found in her dryer vent. Crazy!!

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  1. I love the idea about the clear/black/basket idea! LOVE it. I'll be implementing that soon I think. I tried to do 40 bags in 40 days for lent and fell off the wagon :(

    Our house has been on the market for 6 long months, I think it's time for you to fly to Michigan and make her SOLD.. ;)

    Great work, Happy Monday!!


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