Thursday, April 22, 2010

Laundry room redo

Well, she's not completely completed. 

I still have baseboards to make and crown moulding to install, but that won't be 'til next week.

My washer has to sit out farther than my dryer so I can open the cabinet door when the washer lid is open. (just a weird arrangement)

Poor baby.  She was really in bad shape and I hated going in there.

Remember this before pic?  That pile of laundry in the back was my ironing pile.  I hate ironing. 

The shelf in the foreground was for stuff I didn't have room for in the kitchen. (or so I thought)

I finished my ironing (yay) and removed the shelf.  I rearranged my pantry and found space for all of the stuff!  Who knew?

Here's the ugly utility rack that I was tempted to throw away.  I'm sure glad I didn't because she really cleaned up well.  I spraypainted her with Oil Rubbed Bronze spraypaint and hung her back up.

Do you like my fly swatter cover?  Hubs Oma made it when she was in her 80s. 

Here's my cleaning center.  Vacuum, Flip-it, swiffer, and cobweb getter.

First, I painted the circuit breaker with chaulk board paint and then I framed it out with some pine boards and white washed them.  It makes a great magnetic/chaulk board.

                    I always keep the magnet around just in case I need a reminder.  Did you notice it's hanging over my ironing basket? 

Tomorrow, I'll post about how my cabinets are organized and how I store my iron and ironing board. 


  1. Love it......I need cabs in my laundry room! Would it work to have that cabinet over the washer open shelving rather than a cabinet so you could push your washer back in line? Just wondered?

    Looks great....and you sure motivated me!

  2. i love it! I especially like the holder for all your brooms and stuff! Looks great now! :)

  3. Looking forward to a new way to store the ironing board! Mine stays up cause I don't know what to do with it - well, that and because I iron every day! And I love to iron!

  4. Suzanne, I had thought about taking the doors off of the cabinet but I really like the look of all of the cabinets being the same. If I get tired of the washer sticking out then I'll yank those puppies off their hinges.

    Sheri, you're the best "ironer" I know. You're also the only person I know who loves ironing. Can you come and live at my house?

  5. Kelly,
    Hubs said he'd send me over in an hour - right after I do his for the rest of the weekend!

  6. This is darling! Making the utility box into a magnet board-now that is pure genius!!
    Also am loving the spray paint makeover! I wish that I could be made over with spray paint.
    So glad I stumbled onto your blog!!
    Happy Friday!!!
    Please, stop by sometime and say Hello!!

  7. That's quite an improvement. I love an organization Before/After. Warms the cockles of my heart, it does. :)


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