Friday, April 23, 2010

Laundry room storage

Yesterday, I showed you my newly painted/refreshed laundry room.

Today, I'll show you some of the storage areas I've created.

Hubs added this little shelf to the left of my cabinets.  I store our dinner trays here.  When the weather is nice (April-October here in Chesapeake) we carry our meals out to our front screened porch to eat.  It's much easier to fix our plates in the kitchen and carry them out on the trays. 

This cabinet holds our lunch boxes (2 are missing because Hubs and son are using their's.  I also put these stacking baskets in the cabinet to hold onions, potatoes, and my newest toy - a pasta machine (love it)

This cabinet holds from top to bottom:  Paper/plastic bags to reuse, thermos, ice bucket, french press,
bucket w/ clothespins, laundry soap ingredients, and napkins.

This cabinet holds a basket with paper/plastic serving pieces for entertaining, extra glass jars for storage, two small storage boxes with birthday candles and cupcake liners,waffle maker, salad spinner, colander, Grandma's old crock pot (which I still use), and my Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer.

I store my ironing board and iron on the laundry room door.  We bought a special holder at K-mart and it works really well.

Because the ironing board would bang against the door whenever we opened it, we installed a strip of Velcro along the bottom of the door and the board to keep it secure.
This little corner holds my ironing pile neatly tucked into a lidded hamper.  (Out of sight - out of mind?)
I also stash my step stool and my tool box here.

I bought a narrow laundry hamper to hold recycling.  Once or twice a week we empty it into our large recepticle outside.

Above the recycling container hangs this little reminder that I've had for almost 20 years.  It's silly, but it's how I feel sometimes.  My 3 children don't see the humor.


  1. Love the sign! I need one of those at my house! I like the idea of the serving trays too. I only have one, and it doesn't hold everything. I never thought of getting one for each member of the family. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  2. OK your organization puts mine to shame! Your laundry room looks awesome!


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