Friday, April 2, 2010

A little bit of paint always perks me up.

I've been pretty pleased with the new paint color in the downstairs powder room since I repainted it.  One thing I wasn't happy about was this corner of the room with this little plant stand.  I've been looking for a small table to put there but then I remembered that I already owned a table (somewhere) that would be the very size I've been looking for (if I could only remember where I'd stored it).

After much searching, I finally found it.

I bought this little table at a very unusual place - a drug store.  Yup, I bought it at Rite Aide when it was Eckerds about 15 years ago.  It was a natural looking wood.  I usually don't buy furniture at drug stores, but this piece was the EXACT size I needed for a tricky little corner in my previous home.

Since I can't leave anything in it's original stage, I painted it with Krylon Dove White spray paint.

Color me happy, now. 

The painting on the left was painted by my grandmother who learned to paint in her 60's.  The mirror on the right used to hang over the sink (too small) and was left by the prior owner of our home.  It's handmade and has little shells attached to it.

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  1. this looks great mom! I'm glad you remembered that it was in my room, buried under pile #...?

  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I so loooooove my piano it makes me smile...lots!

    I think your little table is a perfect fit and much better in white! Who knew Rite Aid sold furniture??

    I cannot get over that incredible painting by your grandma. It is something I would expect to see from someone who had been painting all their life. I love hearing stories of people who make their dreams happen later in life. Proof we are never to old to learn something new :)

  3. What a great table! I, too, 'enhance' alot of my finds!

  4. I thought the plant stand was alright when I saw the first picture, but then with the table painted white, it was perfect! What a beautiful bathroom now!

  5. The table looks great with a new coat of white paint, and looks perfect in that corner!


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